Melinda Kramer (middle) building solar cookers at the 2010 West Africa Global Women’s Water Initiative Training
Post date: August 6, 2013

Melinda Kramer, AB’03, founded and co-directs the Women’s Earth Alliance, a nonprofit that supports women at the gra

Erik Trinkaus, the Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor in Arts & Sciences, is perhaps best known for his scholarly contributions co

Archived Alumni News

Anthropological and Humanitarian Roots for Episcopalian Priesthood
Aspiring Entrepreneur Generates Change
Investigating the Influence of Cognition and Culture on Religious Belief
Community Health Volunteer for Peace Corps Madagascar
Emily Niespodziewanski in white lab coat, skeleton in background.
Studying Forensic Anthropology and Human Skeletal Biology

Archived Faculty News

Collage of anthropology department members created by Geoff Childs and presented to Bob Canfield at his retirement. Canfield's photo is in center of collage between WUSTL logos
by Kirsten Jacobsen
Photo of Bret Gustafson
Beyond the Ivory Tower